iPad version of the Radiology Assistant

Robin Smithuis


iPad version of the Radiology Assistant

So here it is the iPad version of the Radiology Assistant.
It is the best way to study the content of the radiology asistant.
You can use it when and wherever you want, because you don't have to be online.
There are over 70 articles in 8 categories with regular updates.
Just click on a category and find the article that you're interested in.

Watch the instruction movie

If you want to study a specific topic, then go to the search function and type the subject of your interest and you will be directed to the articles.
The topic will be highlighted in the article.

You can use the portrait or landscape view.
Scroll easily through the pages.
Although most images and drawing are of a good quality you'll find even higher resolution images by tapping on the images.
You can scroll through stacks of images by tapping on the arrow and simply go back and forth through the images.

The references are found at the end of the article and by tapping on a reference you will get the original article.
This of course will only work when you are online.

The Radiology Assistant is a non-profit organisation.
Every penny that the Radiology assistant gets from this application is used for medical care in Myanmar.

Medical Action Myanmar

So go to the App-store and buy the application.