Get Radiology Video Lectures on your iPhone

Robin Smithuis


Vodcast or video podcast is a term used for the online delivery of video on demand video clip .
Downloading complete video podcasts gives the user the ability to play the video podcasts on a portable media player like an iPod or iPhone.
We give you a short manual on how to download these vodcasts.

by Robin Smithuis

Vodcasts on your iPhone

Click on the image on the left and listen to a small part of a lecture by Elliot Fishman of CTISUS.
Just follow the instructions below and get great lectures on your computer or on your iPhone.


Step 1

Go to iTunes or first download iTunes on your computer.

iTunes store

Step 2

Go to the iTunes store


Step 3

Type ctisus in the search bar in the upper right corner.

Step 4

Now you get a list of all the outstanding presentations by Elliot Fishman of the Johns Hopkins hospital in Baltimore.
Click on a vodcast and your computer will download the presentation and within minutes you will be able to listen to various subjects on CT.

CTISUS on your iPhone

Step 5

You can listen to these vodcasts on your computer, but If you want to listen to these presentations on your iPhone, simply connect your iPhone to your computer and download the vodcast on the iPhone.
There are other radiology vodcasts in the iTunes store.
So if you type ...radiology vodcast ... you will get many more like for instance Learning